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Should Desist Assisting

| Working | December 2, 2015

(I just signed a contract to start at a well known producer of Network devices. At this point I’ve quit my old job and apartment, and I’m looking for a new apartment in the town where my new job is located, when I get a mail from the HR department.)

HR Assistant: “Dear [My Name], regarding your application, we have decided that we cannot offer you the vacant position you applied for. Even though you are qualified for this position we have decided to hire someone else. This is not a degradation of your qualification. Kind regards, [Name], Assistant to the Head of HR.”

(Slightly panicked I call the number in the email signature of the person who send the mail.)

Me: “Hello, my name is [My Name]. I just got your mail and this must be a mistake. I signed a contract for that position. I start in two weeks. I have already quit my current job because of that contract.”

HR Assistant: *in thick accent* “I’m sorry, who are you?”

Me: “My name is [My Name].”

HR Assistant: “And you got contract? I don’t know about that!”

Me: “Is Mrs. [Head of HR] around? I’d like to speak to her.”

HR Assistant: “No… no… she’s not here. She told me to write mails to everyone. I don’t know about contract. Maybe… Misunderstanding? I don’t know. I am new here.”

Me: “I’d like a confirmation that I still start in two weeks.”

HR Assistant: “This… misunderstanding… I don’t know. I ask her… maybe…”

(Until now it was hard to understand her but at this point I am unable to understand what she is saying or if she is still speaking German.)

Me: “Great, I will write her an email, then; thanks for your help. Goodbye.”

HR Assistant: “Goodbye.”

(I’ve send a mail to Head of HR and it took only a minute for her to respond and ensuring me that it was just a mistake by her assistant. So much for ‘she’s not here’. I’ve never had so much panic in life before.)

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