Scheduled For A Breakdown

| Working | June 4, 2017

(I am training a new guy. He’s young and this is his first job — he also obviously comes from a fairly affluent family. When you are hired at our store it takes a week or so to get on the proper schedule, so the manager will write you in until you’re on the schedule the rest of the store uses.)

New Guy: “Hey, I don’t have my schedule for next week yet.”

Me: “What? You should. You didn’t see the schedule?”

New Guy: “What schedule?”

Me: “They’re posted over here.”

(I take him and show him the schedule. He immediately starts freaking out.)

New Guy: “I wasn’t consulted about this!”

Me: “Why… would you be consulted? You put your availability, didn’t you?”

New Guy: “That was a MONTH AGO! I thought the manager was going to call me every week and ask when I wanted to work!”

Me: “That’s… not how jobs work.”


(He didn’t show up for his next shift. I’m pretty sure the fact that the schedule didn’t revolve around him was too much for his brain.)

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