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Say Lullabye-bye To Sleep

| Related | March 25, 2015

(My family is staying at a motel one night during a cross-country road trip. My parents, and four kids [including me] aged 5-13 are all crammed into one room. My parents have declared lights out and bedtime since we have to be up early next morning to get back on the road, but the four of us are too antsy to fall asleep and keep joking and chatting back and forth.)

Mom: *trying to get us to calm down* “All right, kids, I’ll sing you a lullaby to put you to sleep.”

(Giggles from us.)

Mom: *singing* “Go to sleeeeeep… little ones. It is dark in outer spaaaace.”

(More hushed giggles.)

Mom: “Go to sleep, my little ones. Or I will punch you in the face!”

(We all burst out laughing. Naturally it took us a bit longer to fall asleep after that and her on-the-spot lullaby is still an inside joke among our family.)

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