Rivers, Canals, Whatever

| TX, USA | Learning | July 19, 2016

(I coach a trivia team. This takes place during tryouts.)

Me: *reading trivia card* “Though famous for being blue, this river has a brown hue as it flows through Vienna.”

Student #1: “The Thames!” *mispronounced with a long A*

Student #2: “That’s the ‘Thames’ –” *pronounced correctly* “– and it goes through London, not Vienna! The correct answer is the Danube.”

Student #1: “Well, how was I supposed to know? I’ve never been to Italy.”

Student #2: “What does Italy have to do with it?”

Student #1: “That’s where Vienna is.”

Student #2: “Vienna is Austria. Why did you… Oh, wait… You were thinking of Venice.”

Student #1: “There’s a difference?”

Me: “[Student #1], if you make the team, you are not allowed to answer any geography questions. Ever.”

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