Plucking An Answer Out Of The Air

| Working | April 12, 2014

(I have just finished visiting my friends and have arrived at the airport for my return flight to Washington Dulles. I get up to the airline greeter who is standing at the entrance of the line.)

Greeter: *rudely* “Sir, you need to place that carry-on in this slot to confirm the size.”

Me: “Oh, this is my return trip, I already know it fits.”

Greeter: “That doesn’t matter. Put the bag in.”

(I do as asked.)

Greeter: *shocked* “It fits. Where are you flying to?”

Me: “D.C.”

Greeter: *scoffs* “There are two airports in D.C. We only fly to one of them.”

Me: *shocked look* “Washington Dulles.”

Greeter: “That is the one we fly to.”

(As I am walking away to go to the counter I turn around.)

Me: “There are actually three airports in the D.C. area.”

(I got better service from the TSA agents!)

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