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Not Of One Mind On The Matter

| Learning | February 12, 2014

(There are two students in the class who are identical twins. One of them has a pair of glasses while the other one doesn’t. There is also a test going on, so the room is silent.)

Twin #1: *hands his glasses to the student next to him* “Pass these to [Twin #2], please.”

Student: *looks at them strangely but passes them along to [Twin #2], who is at the other end of the room*

Twin #2: “Thank you.”

Teacher: “[Twin #1], why did you do that?”

Twin #1: “He asked for them.”

Teacher: “No, he didn’t.”

Twin #2: “Yes, I did!”

(After class the teacher talks to the twin’s mother who has come to pick them up.)

Teacher: “Ma’am, I don’t think that we can allow your twins to be in the same class.”

Mother: “Why not? They’ve always been in the same class.”

Teacher: “Because they can hear each others’ thoughts.”

Mother: “Of course they can! That’s why I had them in the same class!”

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