Not Espressing The Order Correctly

| Working | August 9, 2013

(It is about 10 am on a Saturday, and I really needed some caffeine to prepare me for the working day. I go to a very, very small coffee shop, so the barista and the cashier are standing right next to each other and directly in front of me the whole time.)

Barista: “Can I help you?”

Me: “Yes. Could I get a large, light roast, please, to go?”

Barista: “To go?”

Me: “Yes.”

Barista: “What was the last thing you said?”

Me: “‘Yes’?”

Barista: “Before that.”

Me: “‘To go’?”

Barista: “Yes, ‘to go’.”

Me: “Yes.”

Barista: “A large?”

Me: “Yes.”

Barista: “Light roast?”

Me: “Yes, please.”

Barista: “To go.”

Me: “Yes, to go. A large, light roast, to go.”

Barista: “Okay.”

Cashier: “So that was one large, light roast and a small light roast, to go?”

Me: “What?”

Cashier: “What?”

Me: “Just a large. That’s it.”

Cashier: “To go?”

Me: “Yes.”

Cashier: “Okay. One large, light roast to go. No small.”

Me: “No small.”

Cashier: “No small.”

Me: “No, no small.”

(They clearly needed some caffeine, too!)

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