No Jump(er) For Joy

| Learning | December 5, 2016

(My school has a strict uniform policy. The school sold tank tops (sweater vests) as an optional part but not long sleeve jumpers. The tank tops are also quite expensive. My arms often get cold in the winter with just a blazer on (especially as we aren’t allowed to wear coats in the school grounds) so I buy a cheap plain v-neck jumper to wear with it. With the blazer on it is indistinguishable from the tank tops. One day after we’d had vaccinations, I leave the hall and put my jumper back on. The head teacher catches me as I am putting my blazer back on. She dislikes me because my brother is always in trouble.)

Headteacher: “That’s not part of the school uniform; take it off!”

Me: “But, Miss, I’m cold.”

Headteacher: “If you’re cold buy a tank top.”

Me: “They don’t keep me warm, and I can’t afford them.”

Headteacher: “Take it off or you’ll be in detention.”

(I take the jumper off to shut her up, but put it back on as soon as I round the corner. Later that same day I run into her again. She walks past half a dozen boys wearing hoodies instead of blazers, towards me.)

Headteacher: “I thought I told you to take that jumper off.”

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