Needs To Read The Whole (Milk) Thing

| Working | July 27, 2017

(I don’t have a diagnosed dairy allergy, but I just feel better in general when I cut dairy out of my diet. I haven’t had any in so long that I know if I had any, even just a little, my digestive system would hate me. I also don’t eat a lot of sugar for similar reasons. I’m out running errands and decide to stop into Well Known Coffee Chain for a drink. There are two baristas working.)

Barista #1: “What can I get for you?”

Me: “Can I please get a iced [Drink], made with soy milk and with no sweetener added?”

Barista #1: “Sure!” *prints ticket and passes it to [Barista #2]*

(I go stand by the counter to wait. I’m not a particularly picky person, but if I’ve ordered something specific and see someone making it wrong I’ll try to nicely say something.)

Barista #2: *looks at my ticket, grabs a cup and proceeds to pull out a gallon jug of WHOLE milk and pour it in*

Me: “Um, excuse me, miss?”

Barista #2: *either doesn’t hear, or ignores me*

Me: *a little louder* “Excuse me, miss?”

Barista #2: “Yeah?”

Me: “I hate to interrupt, but, that’s whole milk.”

Barista #2: “And?”

Me: “I ordered soy, please.”

Barista #2: *sighs*

(She dumps out the whole milk and proceeds to pour soy milk into the SAME cup. Since I’m not technically allergic, I don’t say anything, but can’t help thinking that could be bad for someone actually allergic to dairy.)

Barista #2: *puts in the other main ingredients, then starts pumping a ton of sweetener into the cup!*

Me: “Miss!”

Barista #2: “What now?!”

Me: *getting irritated, but still trying to be nice* “I also ordered that with no sweetener, please.”

Barista #2: “Come on! I’ll have to remake the whole thing! Can’t you just take it? People like sweet things!”

Me: “I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

Barista #2: “Ugh! Why didn’t you say any of this before?”

Me: “Uh… because it’s on my order ticket that you read before you started making the drink?”

Barista #1: *walks over to see what’s taking so long* “How’s it going?”

Barista #2: “She keeps changing her order!”

Me: “I just want it the way it was ordered on the ticket, please.”

Barista #1: *looks at the ticket she printed, then back at her coworker* “You have GOT to read these, [Barista #2]! Just go start on [Task that doesn’t involve handling orders] and I’ll make this.”

(Barista #1 apologized and started remaking my drink in a new cup. I told her I deal with people at my job who don’t read anything either, and we had a nice chat before I left.)

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