Moshing Is The Pits

| Friendly | June 3, 2014

(My friends and I are standing around the mosh pit at a local show. It’s a pretty intense pit, with lots of flailing limbs and shoving.)

Me: “Let’s mosh.”

Friend #1: “No. If I go in there I’m sure something awful will happen to me.”

(At this point a very large bearded fellow stumbles out of the mosh pit, staggers up to my friend, kisses him full on the face, and wanders away.)

Friend #2: “… Did that just really happen?”

Friend #1: “Ew! He used his tongue and he had bad breath and now I have road rash!”

Me: “See? Not moshing does not prevent unpleasant things from happening!”

(Friend #1 moshed after that.)

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