Making A Dramatic Entrance

| Right | July 14, 2017

(The pool I work at has two accessible entrances. One is for patrons and has a cashier booth, the other is for staff, and goes through the manager’s office. Sometimes people start to come in through the patron door, but once they see people sitting inside they come up with a lame excuse and go to the staff entrance. I am sitting in the office on break chatting with one of the managers one day when a lady comes CHARGING through the staff entrance.)

Manager: “Excuse me, but this is the staff entrance. Please go in through the cashier booth.”

Patron: *continues charging through room, almost running over my coworker that is standing in the doorway* “Oops! Pardon me, I must have gone the wrong way! But my friend is on her way and I have to reserve our chairs!”

(She then proceeded to PUSH my manager out of the way so she could get through the door to the pool. The manager then proceeded to chase her down, all while she ignored him. It finally took four of us to surround her before she acknowledged our presence. We escorted her to the cashier booth where she paid, all while complaining about our terrible customer service. Then when her friend arrived she did the EXACT same thing.)

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