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Made Her Cake And Ate It Too

| Learning | March 7, 2014

(It is my birthday. The previous night, I had baked a giant cookie and had my mom, a wedding cake decorator, help me decorate it. The cookie turned out extremely well, decorated ornately with icing. I take the cookie in to my first period class to eat. I’ve had this teacher my freshman year of high-school as well as this senior year.)

Classmate: “So, who bought the cookie for you?”

Me: “No one. It’s homemade.”

Classmate: “Oh, then who made it for you?”

Me: “I did. My mom helped me decorate it.”

(My classmate has a look of extreme horror on her face.)

Classmate: “Oh, my gosh. I am so sorry, [My Name]. That’s so sad, that you have to make your own cake!”

(My teacher and I stare at her in shock. My teacher helped me clean up the leftovers.)

Teacher: “Your baking and decorating is still better than store-bought, [My Name]. That’s not sad at all!”

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