Love Is An Open Door To The Cold

| Romantic | February 18, 2015

(I have been bugging my boyfriend for quite a while now that I wanted to see the movie ‘Frozen’ for Valentines Day. Halfway through the week before our date is scheduled, a snow storm rolls in, essentially shutting down our town. Since neither of us has a car, we are relying on a friend to drive us. On Thursday night, I get a text from our friend saying it isn’t safe to drive his car with the road conditions. Friday comes and my boyfriend walks to my house.)

Boyfriend: *hands me a small bouquet of roses and kisses me on the cheek* “Happy Valentine‚Äôs Day. I know I promised to take you to see Frozen and I came through!”

(He then opens my door and leads me, barefoot and jacket-less out onto my freezing cold porch. He makes a sweeping gesture of the yard covered in nearly 5 inches of snow.)

Boyfriend:Frozen. Live.”

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