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Living In A Rewarding Area

| Working | January 27, 2017

(I’m originally from a very rich area but I’m attending college in a much poorer city. Being a college student on a budget and given that many of the stores in this town are big box retailers, I have rewards cards with most of them, which require me to enter my phone number to use. I’m shopping for some groceries when this happens.)

Cashier: “Your total today will be [total]. Do you have a rewards card with us?”

Me: “I do indeed.” *I proceed to punch it in on the keypad*

Cashier: “It looks like you saved [amount] and your total is [total].”

Me: “Great!”

Cashier: “You know I don’t like it that you rich folks have rewards cards with us. I recognize your area code; you’ve got plenty of money. You shouldn’t be trying to save a buck or two when you can afford it.”

(I was too shocked to say anything back so I just paid and got the heck out of there.)

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