Lifted Straight From Yogi Berra

| Working | April 1, 2013

(While heading for the elevators at work, I notice a woman walk in to the elevator. The doors close, but they open again right away and she gets out and pushes the elevator call button again. This happens twice in the time it takes for me to walk up.)

Woman: “I think the elevators are broken today. It won’t go anywhere when I push the button.”

(Curious, I step in the open car and push the button for my floor. The doors start closing and she hops in to see if I got it working. Sure enough, the elevator starts going up.)

Woman: “Now why wouldn’t it work for me? I’ve been trying forever, it just kept opening and closing the doors! Here…” *pushes a button* “…maybe now I can get where I’m going.”

Me: “I think I see what was wrong.”

Woman: “Oh?”

Me: “Yeah, the floor number you just pushed? That was the floor you were already on.”

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