I’ve Got A Ticket To Deride

| Working | October 7, 2015

(I am 20 years old at the time of this incident and have had my license for three years. My dad lets me borrow his car to do some shopping. As I’m getting back into the car after leaving the store, I’m about to pull out when someone steps up to my window. I pause and roll it down to find a police officer standing there.)

Me: “Uh, can I help you?”

Officer: “License, please.”

Me: *hands it over* “If you don’t mind my asking, what’d I do? I haven’t even pulled out of the parking lot yet.”

Officer: “And you won’t be for a long time, kid. Out of the car. ”

Me: “Huh?”

Officer: “Out. Now.”

(I scramble out of the car. He glares at me, still holding my wallet with my license on the inner fold.)

Me: “I’m no expert at law, but, what cause do you have to stop me?”

Officer: “You have any proof of ownership for this car?”

Me: “No, it’s my dad’s car.”

Officer: “And how old are you, missy?”

Me: “I’m twenty.”

Officer: “I wasn’t born yesterday, kid. How old are you?”

Me: “Uh… you’re the one holding my license and ID, sir. Check it yourself.”

(He finally opens my wallet and glares at my license. I see his eyes bug in amazement that I am indeed twenty. He snaps the wallet shut and demands registration, which I get from the glove-box and hand to him. His face grows an interesting shade of purple and white as he realizes that the car is registered under my dad’s last name, which I share. He tells me to stay put and wait while he goes to his squad car. I do so and when he comes back, he shoves a piece of paper in my hands.)

Me: “What’s this?”

Officer: “A ticket. What’s it look like?”

Me: “For what?”

Officer: “Wasting my time.”

(He storms off and I gape at him. I rush home and inform my dad. Naturally, he’s astounded at this and we immediately call the number provided. When we mentioned the reason stated, the manager on the other end was very quiet for a while and my dad asked if he was still there.)

Manager: “Yes… I am still here. Ignore that ticket, please. I’ll see what I can do.”

(He hadn’t quite hung up the phone all the way when we heard the following:)

Manager: *slightly in background* “THIS IS THE FOURTH TIME THIS MONTH HE’S—” *click*

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