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It’s Handy She Checked

| Related | March 1, 2013

(My brother and niece are flying out of an airport that my mother and I have driven them to. We are waiting for their delayed flight to be rescheduled. She has just turned five.)

Niece: “I have to go to the bathroom!”

(I take her. Ten minutes later, she starts jumping up and down.)

Niece: “I have to go again.”

(This time, my mom takes her, and returns with her a few minutes later, saying she wouldn’t let Grandma into the stall, and she pooped, so we aren’t sure she wiped properly. I agree to take her back to double check, since they are boarding a four hour flight. We have a conversation in the stall.)

Me: “Now let me check to make sure you got all clean, okay?”

Niece: “I did, auntie.”

(I check and she does seem to have done a good job.)

Me: “Good job! I’m proud of you!”

Niece: “I told you! I did the hand test to make sure I was all clean!”

(She holds up her hand and waves it in my face. We immediately visit the sinks and I teach her the proper way to wash hands, while holding back my laughter. I then warned my brother about the ‘hand test’!)

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