It Was Greek To Me, Part 2

| Washington, DC, USA | Learning | June 5, 2015

(We are learning about sigma notation in math, and our teacher has just explained that sigma (Σ) is the Greek letter ‘S’ and what it means for the notation.)

Student #1: “So, did the ancient Greeks like use sigma to write ‘S’ in their language?”

Teacher: “Yes.”

Student #1: “And all the other math Greek letters too? Like pi and tau and theta and stuff?”

Teacher: “Yes. They still do.”

Student #2: “Wait, what? They still use the Greek alphabet?”

Teacher: “Yes, the modern Greek alphabet is still the same as the ancient one. All these letters are real letters in their alphabet.”

Student #2: “Oh. I thought they used the Cyrillic alphabet. I thought Greek letters were just for math now.”

Student #1: “How do Greek people do math? Don’t they get confused?”


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