He Kneeds To Calm Down

| Learning | October 4, 2013

(My year-seven class participates in Friday afternoon tennis lessons at. Our coach isn’t a very nice or patient man. I have knee issues that prevent me from running; my classmates know this.)

Coach: “Okay [classmate] and [me], you’re up.”

(We walk to our spots and start hitting the ball back and forth. After the third time of me missing it due not being able to run to it, the coach has had enough.)

Coach: “Oh for heavens sake, run for it girl.”

Classmate: “But, sir, she can’t run; she has bad knees.”

Coach: “Well why isn’t she in wheelchair then? Get off my court!”

(I get upset and go sit against the fence followed by a couple of my friends until the end of lesson. Thankfully, a few of my classmates inform my teacher why I am upset when we get back to school. I am told I don’t have to go if I didn’t want to. The coach is later fired for swearing at some younger students for not hitting the ball properly.)

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