He Dreams A Dream Of Ice Ages Gone By

| Related | August 14, 2013

(My dad and I are watching ‘Les Misérables’. I warn him before we start, that everyone dies, and that it’s a very miserable movie. The first character to die is on her deathbed, and my dad is only starting to realize how sad the film is going to be.)

Dad: “Oh dear. This really is a big pity party, isn’t it? How much longer is there to go?”

Me: “Two hours. Good luck.”

(Later, the main character is taking care of an orphaned girl, and singing a song about how he’s finally learning to love.)

Dad: “Well, they’ve cheered up a bit. Still rather anguished, though.”

Me: “Sorry, but this is pretty much the happiest it ever gets.”

Dad: “Oh God. Why did I agree to watch this?”

(When the movie ends, my dad sits still during the credits and covers his face with his hands. I’m pretty sure he’s crying. After a while he looks at me.)

Dad: “Next time, we’re watching Ice Age.”

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