Got A Good Handel On Things

| Boston, MA, USA | Friendly | July 25, 2014

(My best friend and I are both professional musicians. One night, I am babysitting her two-year-old son so she and her husband can have date night. I tend to talk to him like he can understand all the weird stuff I come up with, and sometimes stuff like this happens…)

Me: *pointing to radio* “Check it out, [Boy], we’ve got some Handel to listen to during dinner.”

Boy: *thinks* “Handle on the mixer?” *points to it*

Me: “Nah, the composer is spelled with an ‘el’ at the end, and the one on the mixer is spelled ‘le.'” *point out the letters on his sippy cup*

Boy: “Auntie silly. No handle on my cup!”

Me: “Touch√©, little dude. Eat your couscous.”

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