Giving Up On The Gift Of Giving

| Canberra, ACT, Australia | Romantic | September 14, 2012

(It’s my birthday in a few weeks, but my boyfriend has bought presents for me months ago.)

Boyfriend: “I got you awesome presents! I got you awesome presents!”

Me: “Stop saying that! Stop tempting me!”

Boyfriend: “Would you like one now?”

Me: “No. I can wait until my birthday.”

Boyfriend: “Are you sure? They’re really cool. You can have one now.”

Me: “I can wait.”

Boyfriend: “Go wait outside so you don’t see the hiding place when I grab one of them.”

Me: “No! I’ll wait until my birthday!”

Boyfriend: “This is unfair! They’re so cool! I never considered how hard the wait was going to be for me!”

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