Getting Into Bed Is The Dominant Factor For Dating

| Romantic | September 29, 2012

(I am on the fourth date with this girl I’ve been seeing. We go out to a nice dinner and then I drive her back to her apartment.)

Her: “So, would you finally like to spend the night?”

Me: “Um…” *excitedly* “Sure! Why not?”

Her: “Okay, well let’s head on up.”

(We go into the apartment. I get ready to get in bed.)

Her: “I would have asked you sooner, but I wanted to be sure.”

Me: “I completely understand.”

(We start to kiss.)

Her: *shouting* “WILDCARD B****ES!”

(She throws the covers over and dutch-ovens me.)

Me: “What was that for?”

Her: “I like you, and I want to keep you around for a while. So, I figured I’d establish dominance right off the bat.”

Me: “You are one sick hot chick!”

(Weirdest ending to a date night ever!)

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