Fishing Through The Different Scenarios

| Friendly | May 25, 2015

(A friend of mine, Friend #3, posts the following status.)

Friend #3: “I don’t know how to tell my fish that I eat other fishes…”

(I and a couple other friends swoop in with comments.)

Friend #1: “Eat your fish. That’ll show ’em.”

Me: “Stop eating other fishes. Problem solved. XD.”

Friend #2: “Eat one in front of him and make him watch.”

(My friend posts a photo of their fish food, showing that some of the ingredients are derived from fish.)

Friend #3: “Plot twist: My fish eat other fishes.”

Friend #1:*screams* CANNIBAL FISH!”

Friend #2: “I think your fish doesn’t know he’s a cannibal…”

Friend #3: “Haha! Nope, if one of the 200 fishes dies, their brothers would eat it… And my little Lord Shaxx did it… Twice.”

Friend #1:*louder screaming*

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