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Doesn’t Need A Test To Tell You

| Friendly | May 25, 2015

(I’m standing outside the main gates of where I live waiting for my ride when another resident comes out to check the mail with her cute hyper four-year-old son.)

Me: “Hi, [Resident]. Hi, [Son]. How are you?”


Me: “Well, okay, then.”

(About a week later I bump into them again:)

Me: “Hi, [Son]. How are you today?”

Son: “I have a red towel. Do you have a red towel? I like this car.” *points at the car in front of us* “I read a book about a black cat today. Do you like purple? My favourite colour is green. Hey, mum can we go on a train and see some tigers?”

Me: “Wow! Okie dokie, then.”

Resident: “Yeah, we’re taking him to tested for A.D.H.D tomorrow…”