Doesn’t Have The Head For Baby Talk

| Friendly | October 1, 2014

(My best friend has a near-genius IQ, but is very awkward. We’re at a cafe, and see a cute baby. He says that he doesn’t know how to “baby talk,” but we go look at the baby anyway.)

Me: *to the mother* “She’s so adorable! How old?”

Mother: “Two months. Thank you!”

Me: “Can she smile yet? Come on, sweetie, can you smile at me?”

(My friend is watching the baby intently; she’s very alert and looking everywhere.)

Friend: “She has excellent control of her head! Normally at that age, the head just kind of flops…” *speaks softly to the baby, cooing* “Who’s developmentally advanced? You! Yes, you are! Your head is huge relative to your body, but you can already support it!”

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