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Doesn’t Cut The Custard

| Related | November 5, 2014

(My little sister and I are going through the pantry when we encounter a plain white packet, similar to a powdered hot chocolate packet, with no identifying markings, mixed in with the instant oatmeal packets. We theorize for a bit on what it could contain (hot chocolate, spiced cider, etc…) before opening it and tasting the whitish powder inside. (Note that the chances of the contents being either harmful or illicit were pretty much zero, so we weren’t being quite as stupid as it might seem.) We couldn’t quite place the flavor, so we decide the next step is to get out a mug and try to figure out what it is by adding boiling water. As I add the hot water to the mug, I notice that the powder is turning yellow as it dissolves.)

Me: “Um, I think we found the custard.”

Sister: “Well, it’s a good thing I never really liked that mug.”

Me: “We could just dump it out, you know.”

Sister: “There’s a reason you’re the big sister.”

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