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Didn’t Make The Organic Conclusion

| Related | January 8, 2017

(My father is a meat and potatoes kind of man so while he’ll eat vegetarian food when it’s offered, he doesn’t actively seek it out. This conversation occurs while we are at a health store near an organic restaurant with an admittedly vegetarian sounding name.)

Dad: *holding a take-out menu from the restaurant in question* “You didn’t tell me [Restaurant] had burgers!”

Mom: “Yes; and very good ones. I tried to tell you but you always said ‘No; I don’t want to go to [Restaurant].’”

Dad: “I thought it was a vegetarian place.”

Me: “It’s organic, Dad. Organic and vegetarian aren’t synonymous. Good vegetarian food is usually organic but organic food doesn’t have to be vegetarian.”

(As we go back to the car, my dad continues to express his shock about the restaurant serving meat, including wondering how you get organic bacon.)

Me: “This is so going on NotAlwaysRelated.”

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