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Coming Way Out

| Related | April 15, 2013

(I’m a lesbian, but only my mum knows it. I am waiting for the appropriate time to tell the rest of my family. I am coming out of my walk in closet when my phone rings.)

Me: “Hello.”

Mum: “Hi [name], it’s the entire family. We’re on speaker. What’s up?”

Me: “Not much, just coming out of my closet.”


Mum: “Oh, my gosh! You finally just told everyone!”

Other Family Members: “Tell us what?”

Me: “Huh, what? What am I supposed to tell you?”

Mum: “You just told us you are gay! You finally told everyone!”

Me: “Ah! I… well yes. I guess you all know now. But I meant it literally. I was in my closet putting stuff away, and you called as I was walking out.”

Sister: “That was pretty weird.”

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