| Related | September 3, 2013

(My parents were married in August 1990. I was born the following September. This occurs as we’re discussing their anniversary, and my dad’s trying to use my age as a landmark. I am 21, about to turn 22.)

Dad: “So [my name]’s 21 now, and that means we’ve been married—”

Mom: “—22 years!”

Me: “No, because I was born the year after you guys were married, and I’m about to turn 22. It’s your 23rd anniversary. At least, I think so.”

(I turn to my mom, joking.)

Me: “You didn’t look eight months pregnant in your wedding pictures.”

Mom: “Well, one of us was…”

(There is a long pause.)

Dad: “What now?”

Mom: “One of us was going to celebrate their 22nd year of something!”

Dad: “I thought that sentence was going to end up somewhere very different.”

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