Can’t See The Wood In The Trees

| Related | January 13, 2012

(My mom is attempting to box a rather large gift by make-shifting one from the box our 60-inch TV came in. She is cutting and taping pieces together.)

Mom: “This box-cutter isn’t doing it well. I have to cut the same line several times!”

(She reaches for the handsaw she originally grabbed before I found her the box-cutter.)

Me: “Mom, no. You’re going to hurt yourself using that. It’s not the right tool.”

Mom: “What makes you say that?”

Me: “Because, that is made for cutting wood, and this is made for cutting cardboard.”

Mom: “What’s the difference? They’re the same thing, just processed differently. They both come from trees!”

Me: “Mom, ice and water are the same thing, but you don’t use a garden hose to dispense ice!”

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