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Addressing The Situation Appropriately

| Working | November 30, 2015

(Part of my job is to handle customer complaints we receive through our computer systems. In this case one of our drivers had misread the address and delivered to the wrong house number. Therefore I must call the customer to explain what happened.)

Me: “Hi. This is [Delivery Service] and I have a message here that you didn’t receive your package. I spoke with the driver and he mistakenly delivered to 36 [Street] instead of your home at 26 [Street]. I can have the driver pick up that package tomorrow and bring it to you.”

Customer: “Oh, that’s my neighbor’s address. I’ll see if I can get it from him.”

(He calls back about 20 minutes later.)

Me: “Were you able to get your package?”

Customer: “Yes, I was.”

Me: “Oh that’s great! I’m sorry it was mis-delivered in the first place.”

Customer: “It was the driver’s fault. So what does he get? Fifty lashings?”

Me: “We’re getting him some glasses!”

(Customer laughed.)

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