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A-Salted With GMO

| Friendly | July 6, 2015

(My friend is very health conscious. Gluten-free, organic, the whole nine yards. I, on the other hand, would rather spend my money on things besides what I consider to be needlessly overpriced food. One day, after he’s been over at my house for a while, this happens…)

Friend: “I’m getting hungry. I really want something salty!”

Me: *gets a bag of name-brand tortilla chips out of my cabinet* “Well, this is about all I have around that’s salty.”

Friend: “I’m not eating that horrible, GMO corn! Do you have anything else?”

Me: “Nothing that’s salty, I’m afraid.”

(About an hour later…)

Friend: “It was nice to see you, but I really ought to head home. It’s getting late, and I’m really hungry.”

Me: “Okay. It was nice to see you.”

Friend: “I really want something salty. I think I’ll stop at [Fast Food Place] on the way home and get some french fries! That sounds really good right now!”

(I still don’t understand how an order of fast food fries is healthier than a few handfuls of tortilla chips! Does he really think that those places care about buying organic, non-GMO potatoes?)

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