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A Number To Bet On

| Friendly | July 31, 2014

(I am on holiday, and having got separated from my friends, I decide to sit down in a park. I am female and 23 years old. I watch a bunch of teenagers who discuss something, look around the park, and then point in my direction. I think nothing if it, and start fiddling with a map. Five minutes later a boy of about 15 drops flat on the gravel in front of me.)

Boy: “I fell to my knees before your beauty!”

Me: *laughing* “Thank you, I guess?”

Boy: “Would you give me your number?”

Me: “I am leaving tomorrow, so…”

(The boy turns around and I see his friends watching us.)

Me: “Is this a bet?”

Boy: “Well… yes.” *blushing*

Me: “All right, then, because you made me laugh.”

(I then proceeded to very visibly write a number on a piece of paper. The boy left and got pats on the back from his friends.)

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