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A Needling Problem, Part 2

| Learning | February 28, 2017

(I’m taking a physiology class where one assignment is to type our own blood. My teacher passes out the kits and makes it clear that anyone who tries to get out of it by claiming fear of needles will fail, so I soldier on despite my resounding terror of pointy objects.)

Teacher: “Hey, [My Name]?”

Me: *desperately trying keep calm despite dropping the test kit for the third time* “Yes?”

Teacher: “You’re afraid of needles.”

(At this point, I realize what I look like: I’ve gone white as a sheet, I’ve broken out in a vicious cold sweat, and I’ve been dropping the needle because my hands have gone numb from lack of blood flow. In other words: the physiological reaction to fear.)

Me: “And watching myself bleed.”

Teacher: “Get out in the hall before you pass out.”

Student #1: “I thought you said a fear of needles wasn’t a valid excuse!”

Teacher: “No, I said claiming you’re afraid of needles wasn’t a valid excuse. [My Name], however, has turned into a Walking Dead extra at the thought a needle. Either she has a full-blown phobia, or she learned to fake blood flowing away from her extremities. Either way, she has earned a place in the hallway.”


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