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A Little Misunderstanding

| Working | July 2, 2014

(On of my coworkers is extremely gullible, so I decide to test her on a slow day. My boyfriend has just left the store after visiting me on his lunch break, and my gullible coworker approaches me.)

Coworker: “Aww, was that your boyfriend?”

Me: “Yeah, that was him.”

Coworker: “He’s the same height as you!”

Me: “Yeah, it’s kind of amazing really.”

Coworker: “Why’s that?”

Me: “He’s the world’s tallest little person.”

Coworker: “He’s what?”

Me: “You know little people?”

Coworker: “You mean midgets?”

Me: “They prefer the term little people, but yes, that’s what I mean. Genetically, he’s a little person; he’s just a really tall one.”

Coworker: “Oh, wow! That’s amazing! I didn’t know little people could grow beards like that!”

(I had to walk away at that point, because I couldn’t hold in my laughter any more.)

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