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A Couple Of Points Are Lost On Him

| Romantic | August 24, 2014

(My boyfriend and I are a pretty strange couple. For instance we made up a pig/cow hybrid that says ‘moink moink’ and we also have our own ‘language’ just using random phrases. On this particular day, two of his band-mates have come over for a horror movie. Band-mate #1 is single, whereas Band-mate #2 has a girlfriend. My boyfriend goes to make popcorn.)

Me: “Moink moink?”

Boyfriend: “Moo.”

Me: “Okay.”

Band-Mate#1: “What?”

Boyfriend: “She wants extra butter.”

(Band-Mate #1 looks baffled as Band-Mate #2 is laughing.)

Band-Mate #2: “You really need a girlfriend. You’ve lost your touch with the almost dead language of couples!”

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