A Branded Method Of Child Control

| Related | May 26, 2014

(My mom is watching my cousin for a couple of days while her parents get moved in to a new place. She has proven to be a fussy eater and my mom hates waste. We also don’t have much money, which even I at age three know. Lunch time comes around and my mom pulls out a can of cheap store brand soup. My cousin immediately sets up a protest.)

Cousin: “That’s not [Pricey Name Brand]. I only eat [Pricey Name Brand] soup!”

(Sensing yet another meal time struggle, my mom thinks of something.)

My Mom: “This is so [Pricey Name Brand]! ”

Cousin: “It doesn’t look like [Pricey Name Brand].”

My Mom: “That’s because it’s made just for children. See? Right there on the label. It says [Pricey Name Brand] for KIDS.”

(Since my cousin is four, she can’t read, so she settles down and eats her [Store Brand] soup with no further squawking.)

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