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Unfiltered | April 13, 2017

I’m working the help desk today when I receive a call. The client has 3 issues, one I deal with right away, another requires I start a lengthy download,

Me: So, while that file downloads, what’s the other issue you had?

Caller: Well, we are having troubles with our backup system. It’s the one that goes on the floor. We plugged it into the computer, and it started making this loud beeping noise.

[File backup devices don’t beep as far as I know. I get a suspicion]

Me: Um….a beeping noise, that’s strange. Do you happen to be able to see the model number of the device?

Caller: Yes, it’s a [Model #]

Me: Is it really heavy?

Caller: Yes, I nearly hurt myself lifting it.

Me: You have a UPS device, it’s a power backup. If there’s a power failure, the battery inside can supply power for a few minutes until power resumes or you turn off the computer properly.

Caller: So it won’t back up our files?

Me: Afraid not. Would you like me to send you a proper external backup drive?

Caller: Please do.

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