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Unfiltered | April 14, 2017

i had just gotten my drivers licence a few weeks ago and this was one of the first days with ice and snow on the road. since i didn’t have much experience with driving in the winter i was driving carefully.

i was just on my way out of a busy intercection from my school, and had a hard time getting out on the road due to a lot of cars. since this was during the rush hour i started getting a lot of cars behind me. all of the sudden someone opens the door on the drivers side and starts talking to me.

stranger: do you not know how to drive? you have to get moving, there are a lot of people here trying to get home.

me: i am trying to get moving. (i try to get a hold of my door to shut it but the person is holding on to it)

stranger: well do you need me to drive your car? there are a lot of people waiting to get home

me: no i can drive myself, if you…


at this point i get kind of scared since there is a stranger holding my car door open and screaming at me to get out so they can drive my car out in to the intersection.

me: if you just let go of my door i can start driving.

stranger: NO YOU CAN’T just let me drive it out on the road and you will get it back

me: (no i’m just angry at this person for blocking me form getting out of there) NO JUST LEAVE ME ALONE AND I WILL ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO LEAVE

eventually the stranger lets go of my door, i manage to close it and lock it and i can see them standing on the side of the road just staring at me. eventually the traffic clears up and i can get going.

a word of advice never ever open a door to someone who is driving, it won’t help get them moving.