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(I was working in a brewery shop which only stocked the 5 or so types of drink made at the brewery. Our products were all kept behind the counter, so customers would usually just say the name of what they wanted, or point to something in the display. One day a middle-aged man came in.)

Customer: I’ll have two of those.
(His hands are at his side and he makes no effort to indicate what he wants)

Me: Excuse me sir, but two of what?

Customer: Those. In the bottle.
(All our products are in bottles)

Me: I’m sorry, but which product would this be?

Customer (raising his voice): Those! I want two of those!

Me: I’m sorry sir, but as I appear to be unable to read your mind you will need to tell me what product you want, or at least point to it in the display.

(Finally he says the product name and I handle the purchase. Then he leaves mumbling about the terrible service.)

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