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Unfiltered | April 17, 2017

(I have really low confidence and self esteem issues, which make me feel inadequate and self conscious quite a lot of the time. I have slowly been building up my confidence, with help, but I still get fairly nervous around people (especially strangers). My friends and I had gone clothes shopping to celebrate the end of term and I had just gone to the till to pay for a top that I had found…)

Cashier: *smiles* “Hi.”

Me: *smiles back at him* “Hi.”

Cashier: “You have a lovely smile.”

(To this cashier, if you’re reading, thank you because this really made my day and boosted my self esteem so much. I’ve never been complimented by a stranger before and it made me feel absolutely amazing, so again, thank you so much for ordinary words that had such an extraordinary effect.)