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( I work in a pizzaria which takes phone orders, I’m on the phone taking a customer’s order)

Me: okay, so that’s [ order]?

Customer: yes, thanks.

Me: and it’ll be ready in 30 minutes, are you picking it up [ customer name]?



( 45 minutes later he calls back)

Customer: ( screaming) wheres my pizza?!!??

Me: sir, what’s the name?

Customer: (screams)

[ customer name]

You people fucked it up again!!

Me: sir, its here in our warmer…you never gave us an address

Customer: ( loud string of insults)

Me: *puts him on hold* *turns to manager* we got an angry one on line 2…apparently we didn’t deliver his pizza to the address we don’t know…

Manager: I’m almost afraid to pick up…

( I never knew the outcome, I was called away to work the cash register)

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