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Unfiltered | April 5, 2017

(Back a few years ago me and a few friends were going to play at a paintball arena that allows you to bring your own paint. They banned a certain brand of cheap paintballs called Monster balls which I believe are no longer in production because they were deemed too dangerous. A customer is there arguing with management about it.)

Customer: Just let me f****** use them!

Management: I’m sorry, sir, but these aren’t allowed due to safety concerns.

Customer: (He holds up his paintball gun at the employee in a threatening pose) Let me use the g****** balls!

(At this point my friend quickly moves up and attempts to pull it away, which results in the gun going off and hitting the ceiling.)

Customer: Get the f*** off of me!

(At this point there’s multiple people restraining him and his gun was pulled away from him. I learned later on that they decided not to press charges but instead banned him from the field.)