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Unfiltered | December 23, 2016

For the holidays our store extends hours so instead of closing at nine, we close at ten. At 9:40 we have a man call our store claiming that he’s on his way and he’s looking for beads, so he asks us to pull aside a ton of beads and elastic so he can sort through it and decide what he wants when he gets here. The answer is, of course, no. Then we have a lady call about an order she put on hold and how she wants them today but it looks like she’s going to be ten minutes late and we tell her we can’t keep the store open for her.

So fast forward and it’s 10:05. I’m ringing up the last few customers in the store. One of them is the man who called about beads. He buys 50$ of them and as he’s paying he answers a phone call and I hear this, “Yeah, you better be f*cking grateful, I just rushed from work to get here and I paid fifty f*cking dollars for these, so you can shut your f*cking mouth, you dumb b*tch.”

Meanwhile, the customer that called about the hold order is trying to get inside and is being denied because the store is closed. She demands to speak to the manager and when told she can’t enter the store, she stands out there for ten minutes staring at my coworker who is working on bringing in the outside display items.

The last customer of the day is a woman with her cart piled high with Christmas items. She asks if she can put them all on hold and come back to purchase them tomorrow while still getting the discount that ends today. We tell her no, we can’t hold seasonal items and we can’t honor expired discounts. So she decides to buy a quarter of her cart. When he card declines four times in a row, she tells me to void the transaction, she’s not getting anything, and then she stands outside the store talking on her phone about how we ripped her off and refused to work with her.

All of this in the span of thirty minutes on a day when our register systems were acting up and each transaction took 2-3 minutes longer for any type of cards to process.