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Unfiltered | September 24, 2016

I work in a store where everything that is sold by the yard (BTY) has to be taken to a specific counter to be measured. There, the customer can then specify how much they want, get it cut and receive a yellow ‘cut slip’ so they are only charged for what they actually get. Sometimes customers do not know this have to be directed back into the store after waiting in line at the register. I am working the register this day with a fairly steady line of customers when a woman tosses a BTY spool of ribbon at me.

Me: Do you have your yellow cut slip?

Lady: No! I want the whole thing. (I can already tell by her tone she is going to be difficult but I stay cheery.)

Me: I’m sorry but I can’t ring this up without the yellow slip. You will need to take it back to the cutting counter so they can measure it.

Lady: But I want the WHOLE THING.

Me: I understand but someone else may have purchased some before you so that may not be a full spool.

Lady: (shoves spool in my face) IT STILL HAS THE TAPE ON IT!

Me: Yes, because we usually secure them so they don’t unravel when we put them back. Please take it over to the cutting counter and someone will be able to measure it for you.

The woman walks off in a huff while I radio my coworker a warning and continue checking customers out. While over there I can hear her loudly complain about my horrible customer service and she knows it has to be a full spool. When she gets back to me she is strangely quite and refuses to acknowledge me. I later checked the yellow slip and the spool was less than half full. Never got an apology. I bet she is glad I did not just charger her for the full ten yards because no one would have accepted that for return, which is why we insist all BTY products be measured.