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Unfiltered | July 19, 2016

I manage a large garden centre. We sell a lot of very heavy products; bags of compost, barbecues etc.

Late one afternoon, I was hefting a big box up the flight of stairs which lead to my office. I was about half the way up when I feel a tug on the back of my shirt.

With great difficulty, I propped the box down on a step and turn to see a little girl holding a dog toy. Note that there is a large sign at the bottom of the stairs which says “Staff only”.

She asks if I can tell her how much it is. I explained that (This is verbatim)

“I’m a little busy with this box right now but if you go through that door and turn right, you’ll see [Employee on till] in a purple shirt like mine and she’ll be glad to tell her how much it is”.

She says ok and walks back down the stairs while I hoist the box back up so I can get it up into my office.

Not 10 minutes pass until I hear great clomping footsteps on the steel steps and a violent rap on my door. As I open the door, I realise that it’s the girl’s mother. I’m not a short guy at 6’1″ but this lady towered over me. She must have been 6’5″ or 6’6″. What followed was the most ferocious verbal assault I’ve ever experienced. The general gist was that I shouldn’t be so rude and dismissive to her beautiful daughter and that if I~ ever speak to her like that again, she’ll be breaking my legs with a crowbar.

To this day, I struggle to imagine what the daughter must have said to her mother to cause such an outburst.