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Unfiltered | February 11, 2016

(I work in a store in the mall selling lotions, perfumes, etc. We are having sales on lotions after Christmas has passed. My job is to stand at the front of the store and greet people and ask if they need help finding anything. I also have to make sure people aren’t stealing things.)

Me: Hello ma’am, can I help you find anything today?

Customer: No, I’m just looking in general.

Me: Alright, well if you need help finding something just let me know!

(A few minutes pass. I keep an eye on the customer as she was acting slightly odd. I help a few other customers, and when I turn around, she is pouring lotion from our sample bottles into a plastic baggie.)

Me: Ma’am, you can’t do that!

Customer: Well, why the h*ll not?!

Me: That’s stealing! We have those bottles out so customers can test them and decide if they want to buy them or not. If you like that scent, we have some sales going on. We have some sales going on with great prices for some of the lotions.

(She looks visibly upset and turns to leave. As she passes by me, she takes what lotion she had in the baggie and dumps it on my head! Thankfully, I was near the end of my shift and my manager let me leave early. We never saw her again!)

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