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(I work in HR for a local non-profit, and every day at lunch I cover the front desk while the receptionist goes to lunch. Most of the calls we get are to set up home pick-ups for large donations, like furniture and appliances. This is one of the more bizarre phone calls I’ve received.)

Me: [business name], can I help you?

Elderly caller: Yes, is [transportation director] available?

Me: Sure, let me transfer you.

Caller: Well, okay, but it better not go to voicemail.

(I’m guessing it went to voicemail, because she called back two minutes later.)

Me: [business name], can I help you?

Caller: It went to voicemail.

Me: I’m sorry about that. Did you leave a message?

Caller: No. I really need to speak with him, can you page him?

Me: Well, he’s in a different building down the street, and I haven’t seen him today. He might be at lunch.

Caller: (getting annoyed, and louder) Is there anyone there who might know where he is?

Me: Someone in the transportation office might, would you —

Caller: NO. I need to speak to a human being. I shouldn’t have to leave a message. Someone should answer my calls. (I should note here that we have caller ID and she’s calling from an anonymous number.)

Me: Well, ma’am, it is lunchtime, and we are all very busy around here. And since they’re in a different building, I have no way of knowing what their schedule is. All I can do is transfer you and you’ll need to leave a message.

Caller: That’s crap. How in the hell is anyone supposed to set up a donation pick-up if it goes straight to voicemail?

Me: Well, I can help you with that. I’ll take your information and give it to them snd then they’ll call you back to schedule it.

Caller: NO. That’s too much work, I’ll just find someplace else to donate my stuff to.

Me: …Okay. Well, have a nice day.

Caller: Whatever. (hangs up)