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Unfiltered | November 3, 2015

My circle of friends (9) were gathered for a birthday as we always do. We often talk about politics and most of us share similar political views, which means we all tend to agree. On occasions when we have a difference of opinion it usual results in a simple, but respectful debate; we agree to disagree and change the subject.

On one particular evening, as we discussed some current events I expressed an opinion about a seemingly mild political subject. The reaction by some in the group startled me…incredulous and almost angry. Then began what I started to call “the grilling”.

Three individuals began talking over one another to ask me various questions and about hypothetical situations. I did my best to answer them, with references and the logic to back up my statements. As I continued to answer, they began repeating the same question and hypothetical scenario. I answered those same two questions at least three times before finally trying to end the conversation.

I calmly started to suggest a change of subject, but they kept pressing for answers to their questions…which I had already answered multiple times. By now I’m not just frustrated, but angry. With every repeated question, I replied firmly and with my own anger showing, “we needed to change the subject, I am getting angry”. I repeated that statement at least 4 or 5 times, looking at the three antagonists dead in the eye and almost yelling… Finally I reached my limit…I stood up, yelled I was done and leaving, and walked out.

According to two others that had observed most of the argument, the three antagonists were shocked and surprised at my reaction and leaving. They asked each other what happened, which the two observers answered by telling them they kept asking the same thing over and over even though I had answered, and that I must have felt attacked (very true). The antagonists then asked “why didn’t he say he was getting angry or ask to change the subject?”. The two observers told them…”he did, you didn’t listen”.

I only received one apology. Another member of the group (neither antagonist or observer), after hearing my views of the event, told me he thought that everything I had just said was crap and that I was obviously on drugs. What?!?!

4 years later, we still gather for birthdays, but I try to keep the conversation away from politics now, or don’t participate. Many of the friendships are damaged as a result. Even when others pointed out the bad behaviors and supported my feeling of being “attacked”, they still refuse to acknowledge any possible responsibility.

I’m finding new friends….

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